Key English Test Part 3a Activities

Vocab Activity

Part 3 of the Key English Test (KET) focuses on communicative interaction, students need to choose the correct responses in a dialogue.  This sounds easier than it is, as it's not just a straight forward question-answer match, but requires students to know a range of conversational phrases, as well as having good analytical abilities to … Continue reading Key English Test Part 3a Activities

Proficiency Sentence Transformations (Part 4) with ‘Come’

Vocab Activity

Cambridge English Proficiency Exam (CPE) tests a wide variety of lexical terms; collocations, idioms and phrasal verbs.  To do well you need to be able to use an extensive range of expressions, combined with advanced grammatical structures.  Here are some particularly tricky sentence transformations (Part 4) which test your knowledge of the use of the … Continue reading Proficiency Sentence Transformations (Part 4) with ‘Come’

10 ways to use art in the ELT classroom

10 ways to use art in the ELT classroom

Art is a wonderful medium to use in the ELT classroom,  it has so many incredible benefits as well as being fun and engaging. So here are 10 ways that you can use art in your lessons. Dictadraw   Dictadraws are a great way to get students explaining things. It can be the teacher describing a … Continue reading 10 ways to use art in the ELT classroom

Speaking Activity: KET Questions

Speaking Activity

This speaking activity helps students with both parts of their Cambridge Key speaking exam. Students first need to form questions using question prompts, giving them good practice of question formation which is crucial for part 2 and then they need to interview their partner, responding to short questions about their lives, interests, and routines,  just … Continue reading Speaking Activity: KET Questions

The Preposition of Place Game

A big part of the Cambridge YLE exams relies on learners knowing prepositions of place.  They need to be able to put images in positions on a picture, describe where things are and colour the correct object depending on its position in the listening paper.  It's therefore really important to make sure that our learners … Continue reading The Preposition of Place Game