10 ways to use the chatbox to increase language production

Now that the dust has settled,  online teaching is fast becoming the new 'normal' for many of us and the knee-jerk emergency teaching measures are slowly being replaced by a renewed drive for ways of delivering quality lessons.  One observation from the last two months of teaching online is that at times the digital platform … Continue reading 10 ways to use the chatbox to increase language production

Why your students need a homework holiday

As I lie on my sunbed with my toes covered in sand and nothing but my two small children to disturb my daydreams, I can truly understand the importance of maintaining a good work-life balance. While this would appear obvious to most, it’s something that as teachers we tend to forget as the lines between personal … Continue reading Why your students need a homework holiday

5 CPD ideas to transform your teaching

For many of us, the classroom is more than just a physical space, it is also a psychological construct where we have self-imposed strict rules of how to act, behave, conduct a lesson and respond to our learners.  As we develop as teachers, I'm sure most of us will admit that we are guilty of … Continue reading 5 CPD ideas to transform your teaching

The importance of silence

Silence is not a word that sits very well with most language teachers. After all, we teach how to communicate, it's second nature to want to fill gaps with words.  I know that when I first started teaching I wanted to fill every second of the classroom with some form of noise, whether it be … Continue reading The importance of silence

Proficiency Sentence Transformations (Part 4) with ‘Come’

Vocab Activity

Cambridge English Proficiency Exam (CPE) tests a wide variety of lexical terms; collocations, idioms and phrasal verbs.  To do well you need to be able to use an extensive range of expressions, combined with advanced grammatical structures.  Here are some particularly tricky sentence transformations (Part 4) which test your knowledge of the use of the … Continue reading Proficiency Sentence Transformations (Part 4) with ‘Come’

Express yourself! Why you should use art in the ELT classroom

Successful communication hinges upon the ability to express yourself, whether it be by spoken fluency, gesticulation, music or art.  Having lived in Italy for the past ten years, more feelings and messages are conveyed through a series of body movements than through the accompanying stream of loud and passionate words that follows them.  In fact so … Continue reading Express yourself! Why you should use art in the ELT classroom

10 ways to use art in the ELT classroom

10 ways to use art in the ELT classroom

Art is a wonderful medium to use in the ELT classroom,  it has so many incredible benefits as well as being fun and engaging. So here are 10 ways that you can use art in your lessons. Dictadraw   Dictadraws are a great way to get students explaining things. It can be the teacher describing a … Continue reading 10 ways to use art in the ELT classroom

8 paperless homework ideas to save the environment

8 paperless homework ideas

2019 finally seems to be the year when people are standing up and taking notice of the devastating effect we are having on the environment.  The entire ELT industry seems to be finally taking a little more responsibility for its environmental impact and, as we step away from the photocopier and embrace more environmentally friendly … Continue reading 8 paperless homework ideas to save the environment

Creating a creative classroom

Languages are as alive as the people who speak them.  They live, breathe, evolve and are influenced by their social and historical context.  Therefore, a rigid non-flexible approach is ineffective in teaching as in order to own a language our students need to live it.  We, as teachers, need to make sure that we do … Continue reading Creating a creative classroom

Flyers Language Activity

The Cambridge Young Learner's Flyers exam includes two different types of cloze activites where the students' grammatical and lexical knowledge is tested. Activities such as this one below will help students to think carefully about language patterns and to notice the most common ones which regularly come up in these cloze exercises. Download pdf version … Continue reading Flyers Language Activity

PET Tricky Synonyms

Vocab Activity

The Cambridge English Preliminary English Test (PET) relies heavily on students having a good comprehension of a wide range of language.  Indeed, the first four parts of the exam are testing reading comprehension.  From the official Cambridge website you can download the PET vocabulary list, and though while this is helpful it is in no … Continue reading PET Tricky Synonyms

Effective boardwork

As teachers our most influential tool, other than ourselves of course, is our board.  It is often also the focal point of the classroom and so it is important that we make the most of our space.  Let's face it, we're all guilty of classroom cardinal sins and so I'd like to suggest some ways … Continue reading Effective boardwork