Proficiency Sentence Transformations (Part 4) with ‘Come’

Vocab Activity

Cambridge English Proficiency Exam (CPE) tests a wide variety of lexical terms; collocations, idioms and phrasal verbs.  To do well you need to be able to use an extensive range of expressions, combined with advanced grammatical structures.  Here are some particularly tricky sentence transformations (Part 4) which test your knowledge of the use of the … Continue reading Proficiency Sentence Transformations (Part 4) with ‘Come’

Flyers Language Activity

The Cambridge Young Learner's Flyers exam includes two different types of cloze activites where the students' grammatical and lexical knowledge is tested. Activities such as this one below will help students to think carefully about language patterns and to notice the most common ones which regularly come up in these cloze exercises. Download pdf version … Continue reading Flyers Language Activity