10 ways to use photos in your lessons

Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Tinder; digital photos are everywhere.  It seems like a lifetime ago when we were able to do anything we wanted without the threat of it being immortalised thanks to someone's smartphone.  Selfies have become so ubiquitous that the thought of asking someone else to take our photo in a beauty spot or … Continue reading 10 ways to use photos in your lessons

Building a classroom community

When thinking about successful learning classroom management is key and in my opinion, the best way of achieving a harmonious classroom is by building a classroom community. Creating an environment where students feel safe and supported means creating the correct environment for language learning. Language learning means growth through making mistakes and that will only … Continue reading Building a classroom community

PET Tricky Synonyms

Vocab Activity

The Cambridge English Preliminary English Test (PET) relies heavily on students having a good comprehension of a wide range of language.  Indeed, the first four parts of the exam are testing reading comprehension.  From the official Cambridge website you can download the PET vocabulary list, and though while this is helpful it is in no … Continue reading PET Tricky Synonyms

Does digital learning mean lazy learners?

Is the increase in technology having a detrimental effect on language learning?

There is no doubt about it, digital technologies have made lessons more efficient, allowed limitless access to learning materials and given teachers an abundance of materials to help shape engaging lessons. Long gone are the days of students fidgeting while long-winded grammar presentations are slowly hand-written on the whiteboard or blackboard, instead, a quick press … Continue reading Does digital learning mean lazy learners?