Staying connected

Being a teacher means you have to expect the unexpected but I don't think any of us could have imagined what 2020 would entail. Coronavirus has pulled the rug from all of our feet; the devastating loss of lives, the fear and uncertainty, the financial repercussions, it's changed our lives forever. Living in Italy, the … Continue reading Staying connected

8 great team building activities

Here in Europe, it’s that time again. The time when people start putting away their summer gear and turn their focus instead to the new academic year that’s on the horizon. And the new school year usually entails a new academic team in some capacity, whether it be teaching, managing or offering admin support.  I've … Continue reading 8 great team building activities

Is time your biggest nemesis?

“There's just not enough time!” Ever said that? Funnily enough most ELT teachers have. Read my latest guest blog on here to find out what you can do about it and how you can gain both time and motivation to realise your goals.

My reflections on a 5 Day CPD challenge

Reflection is the most important part of personal develop and the only way to foster a growth mindset, as I’ve written about here and here. So it’s no surprise that I jumped at the chance for a 5 day CPD challenge, which have been running on their Facebook page. But what have I learned? … Continue reading My reflections on a 5 Day CPD challenge

10 ways to encourage an environmentally friendly classroom

In 2019, we are aware more than ever of how fundamental it is to reduce our environmental impact.  To not actively try is simply irresponsible, especially in the ELT industry where we are particularly guilty of using vast quantities of paper.  Each and every one of us can do our bit, so here are 10 ways to … Continue reading 10 ways to encourage an environmentally friendly classroom

Express yourself! Why you should use art in the ELT classroom

Successful communication hinges upon the ability to express yourself, whether it be by spoken fluency, gesticulation, music or art.  Having lived in Italy for the past ten years, more feelings and messages are conveyed through a series of body movements than through the accompanying stream of loud and passionate words that follows them.  In fact so … Continue reading Express yourself! Why you should use art in the ELT classroom

8 paperless homework ideas to save the environment

8 paperless homework ideas

2019 finally seems to be the year when people are standing up and taking notice of the devastating effect we are having on the environment.  The entire ELT industry seems to be finally taking a little more responsibility for its environmental impact and, as we step away from the photocopier and embrace more environmentally friendly … Continue reading 8 paperless homework ideas to save the environment

Creating a creative classroom

Languages are as alive as the people who speak them.  They live, breathe, evolve and are influenced by their social and historical context.  Therefore, a rigid non-flexible approach is ineffective in teaching as in order to own a language our students need to live it.  We, as teachers, need to make sure that we do … Continue reading Creating a creative classroom

Flyers Language Activity

The Cambridge Young Learner's Flyers exam includes two different types of cloze activites where the students' grammatical and lexical knowledge is tested. Activities such as this one below will help students to think carefully about language patterns and to notice the most common ones which regularly come up in these cloze exercises. Download pdf version … Continue reading Flyers Language Activity

Effective boardwork

As teachers our most influential tool, other than ourselves of course, is our board.  It is often also the focal point of the classroom and so it is important that we make the most of our space.  Let's face it, we're all guilty of classroom cardinal sins and so I'd like to suggest some ways … Continue reading Effective boardwork

Does digital learning mean lazy learners?

Is the increase in technology having a detrimental effect on language learning?

There is no doubt about it, digital technologies have made lessons more efficient, allowed limitless access to learning materials and given teachers an abundance of materials to help shape engaging lessons. Long gone are the days of students fidgeting while long-winded grammar presentations are slowly hand-written on the whiteboard or blackboard, instead, a quick press … Continue reading Does digital learning mean lazy learners?

End of year reflection questions

I have already underlined how crucial I think the reflection process is in both the development of a teacher and language learning in general.  I know I am guilty of spending so much time discussing, planning and crafting materials for my lessons that I can be guilty of not dedicating enough time afterwards to deconstructing … Continue reading End of year reflection questions