8 great team building activities

Here in Europe, it’s that time again. The time when people start putting away their summer gear and turn their focus instead to the new academic year that’s on the horizon. And the new school year usually entails a new academic team in some capacity, whether it be teaching, managing or offering admin support.  I've … Continue reading 8 great team building activities

Lessons without pens: a communicative approach

While thinking of ways to reduce our environmental impact, as part of a scholarship opportunity which I'm sad to say alas for me wasn't successful, I started to think about rethinking my whole approach to teaching to take the paperless classroom to the next level. While my idea went no further in the competition, I … Continue reading Lessons without pens: a communicative approach

First (FCE) dependent prepositions game

Vocab Activity

Dependent prepositions are a crucial part of English.  Being able to correctly use them with their adjectives, verbs or nouns is important, not only for the speaking and writing exams but also in the Use of English paper, particularly in parts 1 and 2 where a good knowledge of dependent prepositions can help you to … Continue reading First (FCE) dependent prepositions game

The importance of silence

Silence is not a word that sits very well with most language teachers. After all, we teach how to communicate, it's second nature to want to fill gaps with words.  I know that when I first started teaching I wanted to fill every second of the classroom with some form of noise, whether it be … Continue reading The importance of silence

Express yourself! Why you should use art in the ELT classroom

Successful communication hinges upon the ability to express yourself, whether it be by spoken fluency, gesticulation, music or art.  Having lived in Italy for the past ten years, more feelings and messages are conveyed through a series of body movements than through the accompanying stream of loud and passionate words that follows them.  In fact so … Continue reading Express yourself! Why you should use art in the ELT classroom

10 ways to use art in the ELT classroom

10 ways to use art in the ELT classroom

Art is a wonderful medium to use in the ELT classroom,  it has so many incredible benefits as well as being fun and engaging. So here are 10 ways that you can use art in your lessons. Dictadraw   Dictadraws are a great way to get students explaining things. It can be the teacher describing a … Continue reading 10 ways to use art in the ELT classroom

8 paperless homework ideas to save the environment

8 paperless homework ideas

2019 finally seems to be the year when people are standing up and taking notice of the devastating effect we are having on the environment.  The entire ELT industry seems to be finally taking a little more responsibility for its environmental impact and, as we step away from the photocopier and embrace more environmentally friendly … Continue reading 8 paperless homework ideas to save the environment

Creating a creative classroom

Languages are as alive as the people who speak them.  They live, breathe, evolve and are influenced by their social and historical context.  Therefore, a rigid non-flexible approach is ineffective in teaching as in order to own a language our students need to live it.  We, as teachers, need to make sure that we do … Continue reading Creating a creative classroom

Does digital learning mean lazy learners?

Is the increase in technology having a detrimental effect on language learning?

There is no doubt about it, digital technologies have made lessons more efficient, allowed limitless access to learning materials and given teachers an abundance of materials to help shape engaging lessons. Long gone are the days of students fidgeting while long-winded grammar presentations are slowly hand-written on the whiteboard or blackboard, instead, a quick press … Continue reading Does digital learning mean lazy learners?

Speaking Activity: KET Questions

Speaking Activity

This speaking activity helps students with both parts of their Cambridge Key speaking exam. Students first need to form questions using question prompts, giving them good practice of question formation which is crucial for part 2 and then they need to interview their partner, responding to short questions about their lives, interests, and routines,  just … Continue reading Speaking Activity: KET Questions

2018/19 Reflection: musings on how my year went

This academic year has been unconventional for me because for the first time I didn't start the school year in September, thanks to the arrival of my beautiful daughter Sofia at the beginning of September. When my maternity leave finished I found myself back in the classroom gasping to keep up with everything that was … Continue reading 2018/19 Reflection: musings on how my year went

The Preposition of Place Game

A big part of the Cambridge YLE exams relies on learners knowing prepositions of place.  They need to be able to put images in positions on a picture, describe where things are and colour the correct object depending on its position in the listening paper.  It's therefore really important to make sure that our learners … Continue reading The Preposition of Place Game